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Introducing GA Sciences

GA Sciences is a web application that offers a full stack online survey solution to its users with an emphasis on scientific data analysis. It is a simple yet powerful platform where the users have their say: based on consultations with users, decisions to implement new features are taken. Proceeding that way ensures that all the site's capabilities are useful. Moreover, almost all of them are free!

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GA Sciences Makes Surveying Simple & Easy!

GA Sciences has everything you need to launch your first online survey in no time, to monitor the answering process and finally to perform statistical analysis. More importantly, almost all GA Sciences services come for free! All users, even with the Freemium plan, get unlimited surveys, unlimited questions per survey, unlimited survey responses and unlimited access the data analysis platform.

Design your Survey

Choose between several types of questions and various options thanks to our user-friendly online survey editor.

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Send to Respondents

Collect responses by sending email invitations, via social media or by placing a link to your survey on any website.

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Analyze Results

Monitor and explore answers in real-time with GA Sciences powerful analytical tools.

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Export Responses

You can export reports and raw responses to .csv format if you want to process it offline.

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Take the Demo Survey

Put yourself in the shoes of a survey respondent and have a look at GA Sciences responsive answer page by taking this demo survey. It includes all the types of questions you can ask in your own surveys and forms.

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Analyse the Demo Survey

Have a look at GA Sciences data insights platform by analyzing the answers provided to the demo survey. Do not hesitate to come back often in order to check all the nice new features.

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