Get Responses

In the previous chapter we learnt to design an online survey on GA Sciences thanks to Pimprenelle's example. Now that her survey is ready, she needs to share it with the pets of the neighborhood if she wants to get answers. On GA Sciences there are several options.

Each survey has its own unique url which you can paste into an email, share on social networks or embed into your website. To do so, once logged in, you just have to click on the My Surveys item in your personnal menu, accessible either under the dropdown item in the navigation bar on the top of any GA Sciences webpage or directly from the left side menu in your Dashboard.

My surveys item in Pimprenelle's personnal menu
My Surveys button in Pimprenelle's personnal menu on the upper right corner of GA Sciences webpages.

On the "My Surveys" page you will see a table listing all your GA Sciences surveys, as in Pimprenelle's example below.

Pimprenelle My surveys table
Pimprenelle's My Surveys table.

In the "Share" column you will see a pictogram for each row. Click on the one that corresponds to the row of the survey you want to share, a dialog box similar to the following will pop up

Pimprenelle share survey dialog box
Pimprenelle's share survey dialog box.

Share a Survey via Direct Link

Well, we are almost there! You just need to click the "Copy" button on the right side of the URL in the survey sharing dialog box. Your link is now copied and can be pasted and sent to whomever you want.

Share a Survey via Social Networks Coming Soon

It is already possible to share manually the unique url of a survey via social networks. But I am currently working on doing things even simpler so you will have social media share buttons directly in the survey sharing dialog box.

Now that Pimprenelle sent her survey to her audience, the funniest part starts. She can proceed to the statistical analysis. That's the topic of the next chapter.