Demo Survey

This survey is a demo survey. It is aimed at letting our visitors know about the available functionalities of GA Sciences, the free online survey platform. Feel free to take this survey and to have a look at the corresponding analysis page in order to check GA Sciences free online analytics tools.

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.


Q#1 How would you rate the weather today?

Q#2 On a 0-100 scale, how would you rate your mood today?




Q#3 At what time do you usually wake up in the morning?

Choose a time


Q#4 Enter any date you like (for example your birthday).

Q#5 What is your favorite number?

Q#6 In your opinion, what is the weight, in tons, of the Eiffel Tower?

Q#7 What is your favorite color?

Select an item

Q#8 In which of the following continents have you ever been?

Select item(s) among the following

Q#9 Rank the following dishes according to your taste

Move items up and down or drag and drop

Q#10 What is you favorite movie?

Q#11 Write a poem, or a small text, or a dialog...

Q#12 Enter fake contact info (will not be used or shown, for demo purpose only)